Sunday, July 7, 2013

[30 Day Drawing Challenge] Day 04: Favorite Place

The favorite place of each person could be from a Little space at a room to even the world itself, is the place where you're totally comfortable or the palce where you like to be the most.

Kim choose a Candy shop, with shelves filled with different candies, even I like Candy stores, they have a delicious smell...
I think the one in there is she, ready to want to take all the candies home.

On the other hand, Diana choose Puerto Vallarta's seawall and painted a beautiful sunset with the quiet sea. I think she took the arcs because, even when the seawall has changed a lot lately, is a very iconic monument  which is still standing, even after Hurricane Kenna. When I just received this pic was very funny, you'll see why:

That's right, we choose the same place, even when I'm not talking only about the seawall but the city itself, I lived there about 20 years, I know how to go from place to another, I know zones, and love the lifestyle they have, relaxed and quiet. Wanna go vacations soon!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

[30 Day Drawing Challenge] Day 03: Favorite Food

Here I am... this is the Day 3 and the Favorite Food.

This is a complicated theme for me, I don't really know what I love to eat the most, so I drew a pic with some of the dishes I like: Hamburguer, fried fish, pepperoni and ham pizza, hot dogs, french fries, hot cakes and pozole.

And.. I'm hungry now so I'll go to look for food or so...
Kimberly had chosen the steamed bread as her fave food, is a kind of bao (baozi) or nikuman from China and Japan respectively, which arrive to her city trough anime conventions, and are filled with chocolate.
I think is a very nice pic, the bread looks very round.  
Diana's fave food is spaghetti! She loves pasta.
In the pic you can see the pasta with sauce and meatballs.

Friday, July 5, 2013

[30 Day Drawing Challenge] Day 02: Favorite Animal

Today we had to draw our favorite animal.

I like the panda baby because is cute and fluffy, it's black and withe, two colors that can combine with EVERYTHING *0*. I like the cat because is cute and reminds me to you Irmita. I like bunny A.K.A. "Jojonito" because is furry and has a cute and sepsi style *-* and also like it because reminds me to Diana *-*

I like that the bunny has a carrot and the baby panda has a bottle. The words are so colored and the cat has a fluffly tail, just like Bashir; the bunny has a fluffy tail too.


Well, mi favorite animal are the pandicorn and the unicorn, and so the pandicorns are black and withe, they takes baths in the rainbow's vomit of the unicorns with the hope of get any color some day :') they are so cute, beautiful and adorables :3 and with their superpowers can save the world but they are invisibles and people who don't believe on them can't see'em :D THAT'S WHY I LOVE THESE ANIMALS.

Diana's pic has a lot of color, the rainbow was very well managed. In general is a very clean and cute pic. May be the unicorn has the ear a Little small but it's ok, you don't even notice.


My favorite animal is the pig, I call it "cuinito". Now you might say I'm insane or so but I think cuinitos are cute when babys and when grow up you can eat them x)

Ok, that didn't sound good... However, pigs are cute but no soft, also are like babys, some are really cute and others are just babys >.>

On the pic is also Bashir. I'm not a Cat person, however Bashir is my favorite cat and I drew him because Mey asked for it, she assured that my fav animals are cats. They're not. But I must insist, Bashir is one of a kind.