Sunday, July 7, 2013

[30 Day Drawing Challenge] Day 04: Favorite Place

The favorite place of each person could be from a Little space at a room to even the world itself, is the place where you're totally comfortable or the palce where you like to be the most.

Kim choose a Candy shop, with shelves filled with different candies, even I like Candy stores, they have a delicious smell...
I think the one in there is she, ready to want to take all the candies home.

On the other hand, Diana choose Puerto Vallarta's seawall and painted a beautiful sunset with the quiet sea. I think she took the arcs because, even when the seawall has changed a lot lately, is a very iconic monument  which is still standing, even after Hurricane Kenna. When I just received this pic was very funny, you'll see why:

That's right, we choose the same place, even when I'm not talking only about the seawall but the city itself, I lived there about 20 years, I know how to go from place to another, I know zones, and love the lifestyle they have, relaxed and quiet. Wanna go vacations soon!

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